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Solid & Mesh Safety Covers

Interlocking seams for extra strength!

Seam diagram

A safety cover is only as strong as its seams, potentially its weakest point. Coverstar uses interlocked and double overlapped seams to dramatically improve weight transfer from the cover material to the seams and webbing! There's simply nothing stronger!

More strong reasons to choose Coverstar:

UV resistant thread

Our extra-durable thread resists sun damage and pool chemicals.

Double reinforcement

close up on strap

To provide additional strength for high-stress areas, we use bar and box tack reinforcement on all perimeter straps – a Coverstar exclusive!

Custom heavy-duty hardware

spring and anchor

As an option, lower profile heavy-duty stainless steel springs with overlap D-rings ensure your cover lies flat and fits tight for optimum safety. Custom brass anchors provide the ultimate strength and durability.

SS Flush Wall Anchor

SS Flush Wall Anchor

The SS Flush Wall Anchor is pushed in and tightened after the cover is removed. This provides a clean look as the anchor head remains flush with the raised wall.

Double decker edge

The perimeter of most covers can fray and unravel. Our cover material is first hemmed, then sandwiched between double layers of webbing around the perimeter, so the edge can't unravel!

Less wear and tear

Heavy duty vinyl nosing pads protect the cover against wear from coping and steps.

Snap-On Perimeter Padding

Snap on padding

The Snap-on Perimeter Padding can be installed in specific locations to protect the cover from chaffing damage. The padding easily snaps onto the webbing and can be cut to size as needed.

Webbing won't abrade

chafing strip

Chafing strip sewn to bottom of cover protects the cover webbing from coping abrasion wear – and won't mark the coping, like other strips!

And remember, Coverstar is so sure we build the best safety covers on the market, they come with the strongest warranties in the industry.

  • 9000MX Max Shade Mesh - 25 Year limited warranty (5 year full, 20 year prorated)
  • 7000MS High Shade Mesh - 20 Year limited warranty (5 year full, 15 year prorated)
  • 5000M Standard Mesh - 15 Year limited warranty (3 year full, 12 year prorated)
  • 1000V Heavy Duty Solid Vinyl - 15 Year limited warranty (3 year full, 12 year prorated)
  • 500P Lite Duty Solid Vinyl - 12 Year limited warranty (2 year full, 10 year prorated)

All Coverstar mesh and solid safety covers exceed ASTM standards when properly installed.