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The Premier Automatic and Safety Cover Sales & Ordering Tool

Because showing is more powerful than telling! Coverstar has become the recognized leader in automatic pool covers because its products provide an unmatched package of benefits. Now it's easier than ever to demonstrate those benefits to homeowners and provide a price quote right from the customer's backyard – with version 1.1 of the Coverstar iPad app!

This interactive, easy-to-use tool presents clear, concise and compelling presentations on how Coverstar systems enhance the safety, savings and convenience of a swimming pool. Its features include:

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Safety & Convenience Presentation

Of course, nothing improves the safety and convenience of a pool like a Coverstar automatic safety cover. This module demonstrates many of the cover features that offer homeowners peace of mind and an enhanced lifestyle in their own backyard.

Coverstar iPad App Enhancement

Savings Calculator/Savings Presentation

Show your customer just what a Coverstar automatic cover will mean for their
bottom line:

  • Our interactive calculator displays estimated total savings in energy and
    chemicals based on the size of the pool, pool temperature, therm. rate and
    even location! Version 1.1 of the calculator includes more cities and more options
    for therm. rate and pool temperature.
  • In addition, the app includes a visual demonstration of the ways a Coverstar
    automatic cover delivers significant savings year in and year out

Coverstar iPad App Savings Calculator

Design Tool

This easy, step-by-step process enables you to review a wide range of design
ideas with your customer, and to choose all of the components and fabric colors
desired for their automatic cover.

Ordering Tool

Once you have the cover designed, this tool enables you to present your
customer with an instant price quote – and even transmit your order right
from the job site!

Photo Gallery

Pictures of beautiful Coverstar automatic cover installations are worth a thousand words!

  • Version 1.1 of the photo gallery includes even more photos of the many options and applications available, and allows dealers to upload their own logo and photos.

Maintenance & Care Presentation

This presentation shows how easy it is to maintain a Coverstar automaticcover, so that it keeps protecting your customer's family for years to come.

Safety Cover Module

This new module offers a variety of resources to demonstrate the benefits of Coverstar mesh and solid safety covers to customers. Features include:

Products Page – an overview of the benefits and options of the Coverstar safety cover product line (Premium High-Shade Mesh, Standard Mesh, Heavy-Duty Solid and Lite Solid).

Safety Presentation – demonstrates all the ways Coverstar safety covers protect your customers' families. Reviews Coverstar's innovative strength and safety features (e.g., interlocked and double overlapped seams, extra-strong springs) as well as warranty info.

Photo Gallery – beauty shots of a variety of Coverstar safety covers and applications, including 5x5 and 3x3 covers, Reduced Deck Mount™ springs, Invis-A-Drain™, etc. You can load in your own application photos as well.

Instructional Videos – helpful step-by-demonstrations of safety cover measuring and installation, as well as cover removal and maintenance.

Links to the website, Coverstar website home page and ordering page.

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